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Take Care of Home Textiles – 4 Great Hacks

Did you know that a steamer works perfectly on curtains and tablecloths? In this article we’ll share our best tips and tricks on how to take care of home textiles in order to spruce up your home.

1.Steam Your Home Textiles

Steaming home textiles such as tablecloths, pillowcases, sheets or curtains quickly gives your home a clean and fresh feeling. Use a hand-steamer Cirrus No.2, place the fabric on a flat surface and press the steamer against it for a wrinkle-free and smooth result. When it comes to curtains, simply leave the fabric hanging on the curtain rod while steaming.

2. Remove Pilling from Cushions, Blankets and Armrests

Pilling is typically found where there is more abrasion, like for instance on armrests, blankets or cushions. Spruce up you home by removing the pills with the help from a Pilo Fabric Shaver. Gently move the fabric shaver over the textile and it will appear as new again. Don´t forget to empty the container a few times or the fabric shaver will start to run slow. Learn more about how to clean a Pilo Fabric Shaver.

3. Prevent bad smells with a Clothing & Shoe Mist

Pillows, curtains, sheets and towels can often smell a bit from being cooped up in your linen cabinet (especially in vintage cabinets). By applying our Clothing & Shoe Mist, containing a good bacteria culture, you will reduce and prevent odors and leave your home textiles with a fresh and pleasant smell.

4. Hold off Vacuuming with a Lint Brush

Vacuuming the couch and armchairs must be done in all homes, especially if you have pets. But a less grueling hack to get rid of dust from your sofa is brushing it with our Lint Brush. Just brush a few strokes and dust, hair and fur will disappear. It also works for fabric lampshades.

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