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How to Keep Your Clothes Fresh when Travelling

Packing smart isn’t just about choosing the right outfits for your trip. We’ve gathered all the travel accessories you need for a more sustainable and presentable vacation wardrobe.

Can I Bring a Steamer When I Travel?

Even the most carefully packed clothes will be wrinkled in a suitcase. Therefore, a handheld steamer is your most faithful companion on your vacation. It's super easy to bring and the hot steam makes all creases disappear in no time. A handheld steamer is also perfect when you want to freshen up used garments, in between washes.

Our handheld steamer Cirrus No.2 is our most lightweight steamer, and therefore the easiest to bring on travels.

What do I Need to Consider When Travelling With my Steamer?

If you’re travelling abroad, you need to check the water quality on your destination and what voltage is standard in the outlets. If your destination has hard water, we recommend you bring steam water or buy distilled water. Then you're not risking residues of limescale in your steamer. Read more about water quality here

Travel Accessories to Pack

A Clothing Mist – Prevent Odors
A Clothing Mist is ideal when travelling when you wear the same clothes for days without doing laundry. The Clothing Mist contains good bacteria that neutralizes the bacteria causing bad smells. Spray directly on the source of the smell and let dry. A Clothing Mist also works on shoes.

Lint Brush – Removes Fur and Dust
Fur and dust are true outfit killers, especially when it comes to dark or black clothes. A few sweeps with the Lint Brush are enough to spruce up your outfit again. Especially handy for people who’ve packed a dark suit.

Pocket Brush – a Pocket-Sized Clothing Brush
If you only have space to bring one thing except clothes and a steamer, we recommend you bring our Pocket Brush. A small clothing brush that fits perfectly in a pocket. Sweep off hair or dried mud without effort. Our Pocket Brush is made of sisal fibers and is 100% vegan.

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