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Care for Fashion

Did you know that our founders are textile engineers and designers? At Steamery our fundamental goal is simple. We want people to take better care of their clothes. Care for Fashion is our community where we share what we know about garment care in order to inspire others. Interviews, tips and guides – read it all.
Care for Fashion / Fabrics /

What’s for What? Beginners Guide to Clothing Care

Care for the clothes you already have.

Care for Fashion / Laundry /

3 Ways to Dry Your Laundry

There are many ways of drying your laundry.

Care for Fashion / Laundry /

Wash Less – 5 Sustainable Alternatives to Laundry

These tips will truly change the way you look at garment care.

Care for Fashion / Fabrics /

5 Lifesaving Wool Care Tips

Most of us have probably ruined a wool sweater or two. Anyone? Yes. So have we.

Care for Fashion / Steam /

How to Steam – Easily Digested Guide for the Impatient

What’s the ultimate way to steam a garment? (If your patience is wearing thin).

Care for Fashion / Fabrics /

Gym Clothes and Hard-shell – the Care Advice to Keep Them Fresh

They require a little extra care to maintain their abilities over time.

Care for Fashion / Pilling & Lints /

Introducing: Lint Brush

Get rid of hair and lint from coats and other garments!

Care for Fashion / Fabrics /

Everything You Need to Know: Linen

So, let’s take some time and talk about one of our favorite materials, linen.

Care for Fashion / Laundry /

Wash Right: The Complete Guide to Doing Laundry

When you can’t avoid doing laundry any longer, the key is to wash right.

Care for Fashion / Fabrics /

Cashmere Crash Course – Caring for Your Luxurious Sweaters

If you know how to properly take care of your cashmere garments – it’s an investment worthwhile.

Care for Fashion / Fabrics /

How to Care for Your Jeans

Denim Dos and Don’ts!

Care for Fashion / Repair /

How to make pre-loved clothes feel like yours

When you buy second hand garments, think of these simple steps.

Care for Fashion / Pilling & Lints /

What is a Fabric Shaver?

Has three precision-made razor blades and a surprisingly strong motor

Care for Fashion / Laundry /

How To Hand Wash Clothes According To Steamery's Co-Founder Frej Lewenhaupt I Steamery

From stain treatment to steaming, this is how to hand wash your clothes

Care for Fashion / Stains & Odors /

Get Rid of Odor With a Clothing & Shoe Mist

Care for Fashion / Laundry / Repair /

How to Unshrink a Shrunken Sweater 

We’ve all been there 1, 2 or 3 times.

Care for Fashion / Stains & Odors /

How to Remove Stains: Tomato Sauce

Just follow these simple steps.

Care for Fashion / Steam /

Study: Does Steam Inactivate Viruses?

Steamery presents study results on how heat transfer by steam affects viruses

Care for Fashion / Steam /

7 Garment Care Tips While Staying at Home

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